Ring Size Guide

Gifting a ring? Stop size anxiety! ROE Jewelry empowers you to find the ideal fit with our expert tips and tools. An ill-fitting ring can be a nightmare – uncomfortable, inconvenient, and potentially unwearable. But fear not! We're here to guide you towards ring size bliss.

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Measure Like a Pro, Even at Home:

While visiting our friendly ROE Jewelry associates is the ideal way to ensure a perfect ring fit, we understand that sometimes a trip isn't possible. Fear not! Here are two reliable methods to measure your ring size at home:

Method 1: The String Savvy Technique:

  1. Grab a thin strip of paper or non-stretchy string.
  2. Measure it using a ruler in millimeters (mm). inch to mm converter
  3. Find your size by matching the millimeter measurement to our handy [ROE Jewelry's ring size chart]. Easy peasy!

Method 2: The Printable Ring Sizer:

  1. Download and print our free & printable ring sizer.
  2. Cut it out carefully along the designated lines.
  3. Slide it on each finger opening until you find the best fit - it should slide comfortably over your knuckle.
  4. Check the size marked on the corresponding slot. Voilà!

Pro Tips:

Measure at the end of the day: fingers tend to swell slightly, so this ensures a comfortable fit.

Consider wider bands: if choosing a wider band, size up slightly for comfort.

Unsure? Order a multi-size ring sizer: available online for a small fee, offering peace of mind.

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Optimal Ring ReSizing: Choosing the Perfect Fit

When it comes to selecting the right ring size, our advice is to lean towards a slightly larger fit initially. Resizing down is a simpler process compared to increasing the size, and it can be more cost-effective. The resizing procedure often involves material adjustments, and enlarging a ring tends to incur higher costs. To ensure precision in sizing, leverage our printable guide or seek expert assistance from ROE Jewelry professionals in-store. Emphasizing accuracy in your initial choice, we also recommend considering potential fluctuations in finger size due to factors like temperature and the time of day. Our aim is to provide not just a ring but a symbol of enduring beauty and style that fits perfectly. Meanwhile, here are the currently available rings in-stock.

ROE Jewelry's Exquisite Ring Resizing Service

Crafting Perfection in Kansas City, ROE Jewelry's Exquisite Ring Resizing Service Unveiled in Overland Park, Kansas. Where Craftsmanship Meets Precision, our skilled artisans, equipped with a wealth of expertise, delicately tailor each ring to perfection. At ROE, we understand the significance of flawless fit, and our professionals assess your ring with meticulous attention. Using state-of-the-art tools, we artfully cut and resize, ensuring a snug and comfortable result without compromising the original design. Trust ROE Jewelry for a resizing experience that goes beyond mere adjustment – it's a transformation, preserving the essence of your cherished piece. Elevate your jewelry journey with ROE, where every resized ring is a testament to our commitment to excellence in Kansas, Kansas City, and Overland Park. Call Us today to schedule your service.

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