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8 Unique & Different Styles of Bracelets

Styles of Bracelets

Whether you’re buying a gift for someone else or simply treating yourself, bracelets are an excellent choice.

Arm candy is appealing because it offers a different pleasure than other types of jewelry—because you can see your bracelets more easily than necklaces or earrings.

Bracelets are versatile, multipurpose accessories that can be layered or worn alone. They come in a variety of styles, sizes and materials. Read on for tips about this popular jewelry gift.

Before we get into what you should consider before buying a bracelet, let’s first look at the most common types of bracelets.


Bangle bracelets are a type of jewelry that you put on by wrapping around your wrist; they don’t have clasps or any other kind of fasteners. They are often made out of metal and have gemstones embedded into them for accentuation.


Cuff bracelets, also known as closed bangles or semi-open bangles, are one form of a bangle bracelet. Cuff bracelets tend to be wide and chunky with varying textures, patterns or precious stones; they’re easy on/off due to their partially open design


One of the most customizable types of the bracelet is the charm bracelet, which features small charms that adorn its length. Each charm can represent a different life moment or memory—you decide!


Beaded bracelets are made of many different materials, such as gemstones and glass. They’re versatile pieces that can be easily customized or stacked to match your style—great for a casual look!


These bracelets are usually made of links that connect together to form a chain. And with so many types, sizes and materials available, you can easily express your personal style! LINK

Link bracelets can be made from a variety of materials, including gold and silver. They come in different styles: some are bold and heavy while others are light-weight and subtle.


Although they can be adorned with any gemstone, diamonds are a classic choice for tennis bracelets. They offer elegance and versatility—making it easy to create simple but fashion-forward looks by wearing just one or stacking multiple layers.


Wrap bracelets usually have a single clasp and go around the wrist multiple times, resulting in a layered appearance with just one bracelet. Like layering bracelets, a wrap can give any outfit a unique flair with the addition of a single bracelet.


Bracelets can be made of many different materials. One type is costume jewelry, which often looks like real jewelry but is usually made from inexpensive materials and imitations of more valuable gemstones.

Fashion jewelry is cheaper because the materials cost less. However, they can also be shorter-lived. Because of the lower quality materials, fashion jewelry often break easily, gets dull over time, and doesn’t hold its value. Fine jewelry, in contrast, is made with more durable metals and materials like silver, gold, platinum, and can include real gemstones or diamonds that won’t lose their luster or value over time. A better long-term investment, fine jewelry can be remounted into another piece by skilled jewelers.

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