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How to Clean Moissanite Jewelry

moissanite jewelry

Moissanite is a gemstone that’s quite unlike diamonds. It’s actually its own gemstone, despite the fact that people frequently mix it up with diamonds. Moissanite is colorless and has a different sort of shine than diamonds.

Moissanite is also a 9.25 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, making it extremely resilient and difficult to scratch. That doesn’t imply you shouldn’t polish your moissanite jewelry as often as possible; rather, what’s the finest way to clean it? Moissanite is comparable to diamonds in many ways, and the same can be said for how to clean it. Diamond and moissanite cleaning must be performed cautiously and intelligently. We’ll go over all you need to know about how to clean moissanite jewelry during this tutorial.

How Do You Clean a Moissanite Ring?
If you have this one-of-a-kind gemstone, you need to know how to clean a moissanite ring so that its glow lasts. If you go too long without cleaning your ring, it can result in difficult-to-remove buildups, so be sure to clean it on a regular basis. Here are some expert recommendations for cleaning:

Soft Toothbrush
All you need for this technique is a soft toothbrush, water, and dish soap to get your moissanite jewelry looking brand new again. Simply fill a bowl with hot to warm water and then use liquid dish soap and a soft toothbrush to clean your ring carefully. Make sure the ring is properly washed under running water. You may dry your ring using a paper towel or a hair dryer, or you can leave it to air dry (advised). You have the option of using this method as often as you like.

Detergent Bath
We prefer a mild liquid detergent bath, which should be run warm with a soft brush to remove any film or dirt. In the conclusion, you may rinse it with water and let it dry naturally.

Contrary to popular belief, ammonia is a natural and safe solution that may help clean moissanite jewelry. We recommend working in an open area with gloves and goggles on if you think you’re sensitive to ammonia, since this is a hazardous product. To make the ammonia cleaning solution, combine one part of ammonia with two parts of water. You may then put your jewelry into the solution and use a soft brush to clean it thoroughly. When you’re done, rinse your ring under running water.

How to Clean Moissanite Using Commercial Jewelry Cleaning Products
You may also buy a commercial non-toxic liquid cleanser like Sunshine Products professional jewelry cleaner to clean your moissanite ring. These non-toxic cleaners are mild enough not to irritate the skin and yet effective in removing any film or dirt that might build up on your jewelry.

Ultrasonic Cleaner
Before selling jewelry, some jewelers use ultrasonic cleaning to clean it. The ultrasonic cleaner machine is filled with a cleaning solution and water, and the jewelry is immersed in it. After a few minutes inside the device, the cleaning process is completed.

How Often Should I Clean Moissanite Jewelry?
There are no strict guidelines for cleaning moissanite jewelry. We usually advise that you clean it once a month, or when the stone appears to be hazy or filthy.

How to Clean Moissanite and Gold Rings
Your moissanite and gold rings should be cleaned periodically by a professional jewelry cleaner. We recommend cleaning them at least once a year, as it may extend the life of your jewelry, eliminate any organic buildup, and enhance sparkle and radiance. There are numerous jewelers that offer jewelry cleaning on the spot, including ultrasonic cleaning techniques. If your ring is delicate, you should request a different expert method of cleaning.

How to Clean Moissanite and Platinum Bands
There are several do-it-yourself techniques for polishing a platinum ring at home. Moissanite and platinum bands can be cleaned easily at home by soaking the ring in mild soap and warm water, then brushing it with a soft cloth or toothbrush. It’s critical to ensure no difficult-to-reach regions or tiny crevasses are missed. After the ring has been cleaned, you may rinse any residue away with water and dry it off using a lint-free cloth. It’s critical to remember that your ring should not be cleaned with any poisonous or harsh chemicals since this might cause it to decay.

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