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Secrets of Custom Jewelry: What You Need to Know

1. It is possible to create a custom piece without being a jewelry designer. Clients seeking for custom jewelry do not need to be experts in the field. Simply provide them with a sketch (and it does not have to be flawlessly drawn) or a photograph of the piece they want made.This is especially true of CAD jewelry. For example, if you provide us with a sketch or photograph, we can convert it into a 3D model that can then be manufactured and finished by us. You select the gems, metals, and size of your completed item.

2. You don’t have to go to a jewelry store in order to get a custom piece. Everything, from submitting a sketch or photograph to selecting your metals, stones, and size to finally viewing renders of the completed product and giving approval for the design can all be completed online. It’s possible to complete it all from the comfort of your own sofa or chair. The finished piece is then delivered to you.

3. The customer can be a part of the process at any time. Throughout the creation of custom jewelry, both the client and designer are involved every step of the way.

4. You may be surprised at how much custom jewelry is less expensive than you believe. Because there is no middleman and you deal directly with the designer, costs are not forced to rise in order to cover expenditures on the accessories (such as inventory, insurance etc.). These fees are therefore not included in the price of the ring, bracelet, or necklace. You don’t have to pay any extra costs for trademarks or name brands, and with a custom piece, you might often get the gems you want utilized in your item at steep discounts, further lowering your expenses.

5. Custom jewelry is more affordable than you would expect, and it’s also easier to keep within your budget when you order custom jewelry.You have the choice of selecting design elements that are more suitable to your budget; this isn’t an option when buying mass-produced items.

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