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Brief History of Grillz: From Slang to Style

Gold Grillz have been around for centuries. You may have noticed the recent trend over the past couple of years in celebrities increasingly choosing to wear them, and you’ll be able to find this type of dental jewelry on anyone from your favorite singer/rapper all way up through corporate executives!

Celebrities and athletes, including Kanye West and Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte, have been photographed wearing their own custom set of diamond or gold teeth.

Where did this trend start, though? The majority of people credit Nelly for starting the grillz movement because of his hit song and music video “Grillz,” which extolled his decision to take his jewelry game to the next level by adding diamond and gold teeth to his image. Others may look back 20 years further and credit Slick Rick with introducing Grillz to the world.

When we think about the history of grills, it’s not difficult to see how Nelly and Slick Rick may have played a role. But as with many great innovations in culture or society—the real answer lies somewhere around 2,500 BC! For over 4,500 years, humans have been applying gold teeth to their smiles.

A man was discovered in Giza who had two gold teeth in his mouth and was buried in 2,500 BC, according to archaeologists.

Archaeologists discovered a man buried in Giza who had two gold teeth in his mouth and carbon-dated his remains back to 2,500 BC

Dental jewelry has also been worn as a sign of wealth by various civilizations throughout history. Jade grillz were worn by the Mayans, and pieces of the stone were inserted right into their teeth.

According to some studies, the gold teeth trend was extremely popular up until the 1500s. There is evidence that it became widespread in the Philippines during the early 16th century.

Grillz are an ancient form of jewelry that have been around for 4500 years. They represent power and wealth to this day, though their styles vary depending on the time period in question- from simple gold bands all the way up to elaborate designs containing precious stones like rubies or sapphires!

Now, it is no longer just rappers rocking gold and diamond teeth. Influencers, athletes, models fashionistas artists across all genres are working with luxury jewelers to create their own set of grillz.

Grillz enthusiasts are continuously innovating the market by developing one-of-a-kind, unique designs for their own personal grillz. Rappers such as Lil Wayne and Quavo have been known to spend thousands of dollars on their own set of custom diamond grillz.

The grillz industry has been around for 4500+ years and there is no sign of it slowing down. With long histories like these, one thing’s certain: this trend will continue to be a staple at high-end fashion shows well into our future!

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